Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

The Light Painting World Alliance offers you a working tool to promote your talent in the market of light painting:

  • * Register for free and create your portfolio.
  • * Fill it with your best images that fully represent your skills.
  • * Provide your contact information.
  • * Distribute worldwide a direct link to your portfolio - include it in the text of your e-mails; add it to your artworks on other sites; post the link on social networks and professional media - and the whole planet gradually learns about you!

Your wonderful artworks will be in one gallery with the best works of other light painters - so all together we will create a united web resource with an unprecedented concentration of light painting art!

In the first phase of our project each registered user has the opportunity to publish a portfolio of 40 images only - 
- so treat with the utmost seriousness the selection of these works, they should be representative of your talent!

We deliberately limit the number of pictures that you can provide in your portfolio - to eliminate the effect of "littering"
that too many similar pics create. In addition, we believe that 40 pictures are enough to present your capabilities :) 
And no one is stopping you from regularly changing them to show your latest, most fresh and beautiful work.
With the further development of our website premium features will be added to allow more works to be showcased.

So…. Welcome to the LPWA community!
 ...and don’t forget to fill all necessary lines in your account form – it helps to work this site properly. Also note please about limitation of uploaded files - JPEG and no more 1200 pix wide or tall.

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