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We are very pleased to present the complete list of participants of LPWA Mumbai 2013 International Light Painting Show
Since LPWA World Exhibition in Moscow (September 2012), we have 22 new names in our total list – it is very good factor for the Alliance’s development. As always, we support local artists for their better recognition.

The artworks from this event you could find here: part1  and part 2 

Light painters are presented in alphabetical order:

Arturo Aguiar
Santiago Di Lorenzo 

David Galstyan 

Rob Turney 

Charles Landriault
Patrick Rochon 

Kamil Varga

Jeswin Rebello 


Hannu Huhtamo 
Janne Parviainen 

Julien Breton
Quentin Bischoff
Thibault Blanchet
Vincent Bruno
Chanette Manso 
Gildas Malassinet-Tannou 
MASS Lighter 
Rom Light Painting 
Swit LightGraff 

Alexandr Gnezdilov 
Kunstlergemeinschaft Licht & Form 
Miedza Lightart Photography
Chris Noelle 

Light Scribblers

Trevor Williams 
Roy Wang 

Hugo Baptista 
Jelle Schuurmans 

Michael Churkin 
Vladimir Mihailutsa 
Victor Ribas

Jozef Sedlak

Alfredo Alvarez 
Erasmo Daaz
David Ibanez 
Riders Of Light 

Anton Julmy 

Christophe Allirot 
Diana Goss
Ian Hobson 
Alan Jaras 
Neale Smithies 
Jon Steele
Dan Whitaker 
Rosetta Whitehead 

Todd Blaisdell
Dennis Calvert 
Aurora Crowley 
Vicki DaSilva
Alexander DeForest 
Johnny Dickerson 
Steven Erra 
John Hesketh 
David Hull
Jeremy Jackson 
Eric Mellinger 
Mike Newcomer 
Jason D. Page
Darren Pearson
David Schlaich
Andrew Sharp 
Eric Staller

As additional part of this event, the light painting animations from following artists will be shown: Garu-Garu (Italy), Ian Hobson (UK), Hory Ma (Russia), Jadikan (France), Lichtfaktor (Germany), Miedza Lightart Photography (Germany), Mishael Churkin (Russia), Versi (Switzerland), Patrick Rochon (Canada) and Hugo Baptista (Netherland).

Congratulations to all artists listed above! And thank you for your participation!

P.S. Also please pay attention to fact, that any next LPWA event will be only for LPWA members.     To become LPWA member is very easy and free - just click here

Sergey Churkin, Head of LPWA Advisory Board

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