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G8 Gallery (Moscow) and LPWA proudly present a special event – The exhibition “Positive In My Mind”, held from February 20 to March 17.

Positive In My Mind is a small but very unique exhibition. Different kinds of art are being shown here, including fine art, light paintings, comics and iPhoneography. All these artworks combined form an eclectic stream from the positive minds of the artists.

G8 art director and fine art painter Natalia Boitchenko used the official LPWA website exclusively for all the light painting artworks in the exhibition. In other words - your artworks! 

Another great reason to create an account and fill it with your best pictures!

        Total list of participants is:

France - Cisco Lightpainting, Jadikan, Diliz, Cesium LightGraff

Finland - Hannu Huhtamo, Janne Parviainen

Russia - Michael Churkin, Sergey Churkin

Brazil - Felipe Ferreira

USA - Darren Pearson 

UK - Rosetta Whitehead 

Switzerland - Versi

Germany - Künstlergemeinschaft Licht & Form , Andreas Rabending

Italy – Garu-Garu


Congratulations to all artists listed above! And thank you for your participation!

Dazler Lightpainting
wish we were there ;)

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