Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas


     2nd annual exhibition in Paris brought us some new names - and this is awesome!
It means - the Alliance's work in 2013 was made effectively. Young artists has proved their high skills, and we come closer to the educational targets of LPWA.

     So, this exhibition will show Top100 artworks by 60 artists from 14 countries. We are very pleased that 20 French light painters are taking a part - as usual, Alliance try to support local artists. Very important, that we've got four premiere: two artworks by Jozef Sedlak (1994 and 1999), one by John Hesketh (2013) and one by Brian Hart (2013). It could be a good tradition - to perform at annual LPWA exhibitions the artworks, which was never and nowhere shown before!

     As was announced, simultaneously with the LP exhibition we organize Light Painting Animation Show, where visitors could see the videos made using light painting technologies. In this year masters of LP animation are: Darren Pearson (USA), David Hull (USA), Lichtfaktor (Germany), Carlotta Bertelli (Italy), Chanette Manso (France), Marcos Camargo (Brazil), Patrick Rochon (Canada), Santiago Di Lorenzo (Argentina), Azan Fauzan (Indonesia) and Rewolf (France).

Here is total list of exhibitors (in alphabetical order):


Rob Turney

Jan Teunis

Anton Julmy
Luc Pigeault
Patrick Rochon

Kamil Varga

Gareth Nathan

Carlotta Bertelli

Janne Parviainen

Stephane Babatasi
Quentin Bischoff
Tubault Blanchet
Jul’s Boo
Julien Breton
Vincent Bruno
Césium LightGraff
Frederic Ferreira
Konte Rast
Gildas Malassinet
Chanette Manso
Romain Millet
Nico Luz
SWIT LightGraff

Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke
Jürgen Gnass
Gustavo Mercerat
Timo Rehpenning
JanLeonardo Wöllert
Heinz-Jörg Wurzbacher


Hugo Baptista

Sergey Churkin

Jozef Sedlák

Erasmo Daaz

Pablo Pietri

Alan Jaras
James De Luna
Gabby Vicente
Rosetta Whitehead
Daniel Whitaker

Todd Blaisdell
Dennis Calvert
Alexander DeForest
Steven Erra
Brian Matthew Hart
John Hesketh
David Hull
Jeremy Jackson
Eric Mellinger
Michael Newcomer
Darren Pearson
David Schlaich
Eric Staller
Jamie Wyman

Complete set of exhibited artworks you can see here:
part 1
part 2

     We want to thank all participants, regardless of whether they were presented at the exhibition! 
For those who wasn’t selected for exhibition, we have a good opportunity: the Alliance will post some of your images as LPWA Weekly Choice on official LPWA Instagram account - @lpwalliance (if you will agree, of course!).

And welcome to the exhibition to Espace Pierre Cardin December 13-15!

Light Is Paint! Night Is Canvas!

Kind regards Sergey Churkin

Comment by Unknown
This is so very amazing & unbelievable for me, to be on the show among so many Lightpainting artists that i admire and respect. It is something really special because i just started lightpainting "a little earlier this year - 03/2013, i do feel greatly honoured that i'm on the list!Peace, Timo Rehpenning

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