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                                 LPWA Memorandum against illegal usage of images

                  (full text was edited 22/08/2017 for better english language)

Dear friends,
We must inform you of a situation that happened last week. An Australian television programme called the “The project” displayed lightpainting images in the public domain without the Artists consent and without proper Artist credit.
This is a common problem as our artwork is accessible to many and therefore people think they have the right to use lightart without giving proper credit to the creators. We need to prevent this from happening. It is illegal

A call to everyone in the Light painting community.
Please if you are the subject of any kind of interviews, public messages, reports etc, please pay special attention to the content that will be shown, express to the creators of the report or interview that none other than your images should be used and if they want to use other light artist work then they must seek approval and credit them publically. If a violation of your request happens please rectify this as soon as possible with the people responsible for the making of the report.
Share this memorandum as wide as possible. We have to protect ourselves and our rights and we can do this. Together we are stronger. Light Is Paint, Night Is Canvas!


Sergey Churkin
Alfredo Alvarez Alonso
Ivan Sanz Angulo
Mario Lechuga Suarez
Koldo Martinez Garayalde
Vikthor Serra Lopez
Hugo Lomas Fernandez
Ivan Lucio Boluda
Eduardo Cajigal Gonzalez
Iris Cebrian Sanchez
Luis Lafuente Medina
Sergi Boix
Carles Domenech
Juan Arribas Barriuso
Roberto Garcia Ortiz
Irene de Lucas
Valentin Hernandez Gutierrez
Sasa Light Painting
Tono Miguez Pereira
Albert Aumatell Tubert
Carlos San Miguel Escriva
Javier Jimenez Fernandez
Yolanda Hermida Diaz
Jordi Soriano Oliveras
Mikel Warrior Photo
Carles Calero
Santiago Ferreras
Antonio Martinez Tomas
Jorge Echeverria Aracil
Jose Luis Lozano
Manu Miguez Pereira
Ivan Barco

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