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Hey light nation,
This is LPWA new project MULTIOUTLINERS, about light painting technique which we call “MultiOutLining”. Sure thing, there is nothing really new under this moon, everything was invented a long time ago before we were born… So, MultiOutLining is also just a combination and some development of few old ideas. In other words, we make creative process a bit easier and more predictable – and this really worth to be shared and used everywhere where you need :) We suppose, tons of commercial works could be done with MultiOutLining method.

The MultiOutLining idea came from early 70s, being performed first time by David Lebe. Since that, a lot of artists used the outlining technique with great success. We thinked how to make light outlining process more comfortable, more flexible and (most important!) - more predictable. Orientation in darkness, drawing thin lines along precise directions is always hard to repeat and not easy to keep right proportions of sketch.

MultiOutLining idea is in using few tricks with wire figures. So, step by step:
a. Print or paint onto paper the sketch which you want to perform as light painting drawing
b. Make wire figure, which as completely as possible perform your origin sketch, in size which you want to fit to the scene.
c. Place your wire figure in the scene, set up camera.
d. Open the shutter and start moving your light tool (better small bulb) along wire, having in mind to keep the direction of light beam into the lens. Do so many outlining as you want. Voila. Close shutter and look what you’ve done :)

Here is simple tutorial, we think it is enough for good start.

Of course, this is just common idea. There are tons of tricks and details, which could feed your profile with incredible artworks. Just try and learn. We invite you to join dedicated Facebook group MultiOutLiners.Learn and special Instagram account @multioutliners.
If you like and will use this technique and if you respect the author, please, use tag #multioutliners




We did this light painting artworks using MultiOutLining method and very special MultiOutLiners tools, which could be done by everyone who are familiar with electronic and material treatment.

Facebook group for learning MultiOutLining.
Instagram account for showing MultiOutLiners.

Thank you for watching and reading.

Best regards Sergey

Rob Jury
Comment by Rob Jury
Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Ricardo Cachao
Comment by Ricardo Cachao
I have been accompanying the work of this artist for some time and it always amazes me. Very good indeed. Congratulations

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