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Written by Felipe Ferreira



Hey Light friends,

       This post is to show you a movie called “Coda”. It's a experiment with light by Marcos Camargo. Brazilian media has published it as a light painting project, although I agree he uses more lightbody than lightpainting. This is a personal opinion but I think that all these names such as light drawing, light graffiti are unnecessary. The thing we do is to light the film, CCD or CMOS directly or light it indirectly by lightning the object. The world that we create is there, inside the  media device we used to capture the image and in our minds. Anyway...

       The curiosity about the movie is that Camargo started it as a collection about ballet dancers and then the idea got bigger, he had some friends involved and a producer decided to put some money into the film. Since he works as a still photographer for the cinema industry the connections were a bit easier.

       He used 12.998 pictures, captured in RAW using a Canon EOS 5D then he converted the pictures to 1.920x1.080 pixels. He says he also did some adjustments and cloned out an assistant who was illuminating the actress in one sequence on the beginning of the movie when she is walking on the street and the camera is on a terrace. 

       Camargo also told me that he did his first light painting in1997 as a mistake that was transformed in an effect. In 2003, using digital equipment, he started again now more conscious. It's really impressive how digital boosted light painting. He told me that for years he loved the pictures from Picasso made by Gjon Mili as you can see in our history here

       Say what you think. I enjoyed the result and loved the soundtrack. Marcos Camargo Vimeo page with other works. 

       Brazilian magazine talking about the movie (unfortunately only in PT)






Sergey Churkin
Comment by Sergey Churkin
Very good story in this video, and well done LP execution. Thank you Felipe for this publication! I hope, we will get more nicely posts from other light painters, for most sharing our experiences :)

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