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                   LPWA Initiative about Information Dissemination

              Preamble is:

We are living in the age of information.
Information forms people’s behavior.
The right information helps us survive.
Incomplete information may lead to misunderstandings.
Light painting art is young - in comparison with traditional painting and photography.
That is why we all need to produce more information for the public at large about our genre.
In case of an artist talking for a wide audience through various media channels about his personal artworks and doesn’t even mention the light painter’s community – such artist foster the illusion that hi is the only one who paint with light.
The general public believes that, because they mostly know nothing about light painting itself.
That illusion creates another myth – about weakness (under-development) of our genre.
As you know, that’s not true.
We can break these illusions and myths – by accepting following declaration of intent.

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If you agree with this Declaration, please, put your name below (here, or under any other post on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Pinterest)
Welcome to join our Declaration!

Kind regards Sergey

James Quah
Comment by James Quah
Welcome to The Declaration of Intent, being declared on 15-06-2016 in Oviedo, Spain. I hope someday I can attend and meet up with some whom have brought me into Light Painting Photography (Sean Liew, Malaysia) and also those whom has inspired me thru their artsy works, Patrick Rochon and Ian Hobson. Thank You Sergey for putting all these together...For the World of Lights

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